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Hot Stones massage

Hot Stone Massage: One Day Course

On this course you will learn how to perform a massage using deep flowing movements with hot stones

One-Day Hot Stone Massage Diploma
The original Hot Stone therapy “La Stone” was founded by Mary Nelson, an American Massage therapist, who was seeking a system that would enable her to continue her massage practice while putting less strain on her painful wrist joints. Using the stones to massage achieved this goal and also enhanced the massage treatment.
However, use of the stones is much more than a tool for the therapist; the warmth of the stones is truly comforting and they connect us with Earth Energy, grounding our vibrations.
Why should I learn this? : Clients really love this treatment!! It is a gentler treatment than manual massage but reaches far deeper. One stroke with the stones is equivalent to 10 with the hand and the results are said to last 10 times longer than with manual massage.
Course Objectives:
The history and benefits of hot stone massage
Your working environment
Consultation process including contra-indications
Contra-actions and aftercare advice
The use of hot stones in other therapies
The stone movements
The Hot Stone Therapy routine

Please note: A qualification in massage (eg Swedish or Aromatherapy) is a pre-requisite for this course.
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Cost £140 Includes fully accredited course manual and your Diploma