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Reflexology: 4 days

Four-Day Reflexology Diploma
Reflexology is an ancient concept, and it is believed that the Chinese developed the technique thousands of years ago.
Reflexology works by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms in order to restore balance and a feeling of wellbeing.
Based on the principle that the feet are a map of the entire body, when the reflex points in the feet are stimulated, the therapist is treating the whole body not just the foot. This Modern reflexology offers tremendous health benefits; it can help reduce stress, improve circulation, cleanse the body of toxins and raise energy levels..
This Four-day course comprises:
Two days to learn theory, the routine and practice technique
One day to review theory and technique + time for practice
You will be required to complete and record 20 hours of case studies i.e. treat 4 people 5 times, or 5 people 4 times.
Half a day for assessment (students have 6 months from initial training date to complete case studies and assessment)
Course objectives:
The history of Reflexology
Principles and benefits of Reflexology
Your working environment
Code of practice and insurance for therapists
Consultation process including contra-indications
How to read the feet and map the reflexes onto the feet
Contra-actions and aftercare advice
How to carry out a pre and post-treatment massage
The Reflexology treatment
Anatomy & physiology specific to reflexology.
Please note – a Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology (or equivalent eg nursing or physio training) is required. We offer a home study course in A&P which can be studied at the same time as your Reflexology Diploma. You will need to have covered at least the first 4 units before you do the practical course. Your Reflexology certificate is not issued until the A&P is completed.
Assessment: Students have 6 months from initial training date to complete case studies and assessment otherwise you must repeat days 1&2 at further cost.
Cost: £425